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Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage is one of our customer’s favourite type of relaxation. It is an alliance between your mind and your body…a way of living.

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Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage is something that everybody has to attempt a minimum of once.It has a certain sensuality that makes you want more… and more.

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Couple Massage

There are lots of massages you can try, however nothing will compare to the couple massage because is something that you do with the one that you love.

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We offer you the best service in the entire town. Our masseuses have a lot of experience in the type of massage you want and are extremely professional.



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The insights of Luxura Tantric Massage London

Pleasure & Relaxation

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Luxura Tantric Massage London started as a bold idea of trying to make everybody happy. We know that this is a hard work but our ambition has no limits. For that to happen, we want to make you feel comfortable so we travel wherever you are in Central London.

Offering a personalised Tantric Massage London service we welcome you into our temple of love and light with a soft, warm embrace from our heart. Luxura Tantric Massage London offers you sublime benefits to your whole body, mind and spirit, all inspired by your own energy power...

The aim of our Tantric Massage is how we can use our sexual energy as a tool to the highest ecstasy, in the meeting with our beloved. We employ a variety of sensual, erotic massage techniques both from east and west. The purpose is to improve personal relationships, facilitate a greater understanding of sexual energy and how it can be used to improve life on every level.

Our tantric temple is located at Central London; where we bless each other physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically. Take advantage of this invitation and, through our tantric practice, with our purposeful tantric guidance. Give yourself the gift of being transported to a place where the exquisite embrace of divine intimacy moves you to higher realms of sensual awareness.

As a guest in our sanctuary, you will feel enchanted by the sacred atmosphere that takes you out of the routine of daily life, and into the magic silence that embrace you here. All our Tantric Goddesses have the devoting attitude and loving heart. They will offer you to enter the gateway to the world of the senses and experience the journey through your body to the ecstasy of your soul. Here you can learn the ancient wisdom of how to live life fully, how to awaken your full potential as a man or woman. You can also learn how to use the erotic act as a way to reach the highest ecstasy.

•What is Tantra

Tantra began many years ago. It is written that Tantra must be reborn age to age and now is the time its mysteries are being revealed again. A way of living that makes us present in the moment, Tantra is in a state of relaxation and awareness. Its revolutionary approach to life offers us to live life with intensity and consciousness. Tantra is within us: the totality of love and connection.

The word 'Tantra' is from Sanskrit, which is considered the sacred language of Hinduism. It derives from the root word tan, which means 'expansion, waving, and awareness'. Tantra is in continuous expansion, it is spreading, and manifesting itself like a "cosmic weave," made up of different energies. It is a form of ancient eastern science, which included sexuality and spirituality as a doorway to ecstasy, creation, healing and enlightenment. Around 5000 BC it is known that Tantra was born in India, through the sacred union of Hindu god Shiva, pure 'Consciousness' and his consort, the goddess Shakti, pure 'Energy'.

As you relax and decide to open to this new experience, you will discover a burning fire in your centre that has always been there, waiting for you to ignite it. This inner fire is your intimicy, your life force, and the energy that empowers you on every level to create the highest vision of what you desire in your life.

• Modern Tantra

Whether you are single or in a relationship, young or old, Tantric Massage London will bring a new dimension to your life and your relationships. From the intense pleasure of multiple orgasms, to sexual healing and developing intimacy and a sense of spiritual connection. It is for sure your path to fulfilment. Tantra is not just about sexuality, it is about being alive to your senses.

With massage we go through life by saying happiness. It is an attitude towards life, always staying open and alert to the deeper content of our experiences. It is a state of acceptance where we include and embrace life in order to expand the consciousness and horizons of our being.

One goal of modern tantric massage is to bring the body into a balanced state before engaging in sexual activity. The benefits are numerous: including deep relaxation, heightened sexual response and better health. The process is able to build trust and intimacy between partners, and is easy to do.

• Sexual Healing of Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage London is a genuine and exceptional path which puts sexuality in its right place. Recreating the missing spiritual dimension of the sexual experience. This type of practice expands the human consciousness to the greatest extent and considerably enriches the knowledge of the Man and the Universe.

This type of massage is to experience the merging of the Divine (God or Goddess) using sexual energy as the fuel or vehicle. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful force within the human body and can lead to profound spiritual experiences accompanied by intense physical pleasure and bliss. Tantra therapists use their sexual energy with love,awareness and respect, for themselves and, also for their partner.

Tantra understand of sexual energy, awaken of the whole body, skin, palms, feet, anal, genitalia. Combine the emotion of love and sexual needs. Connect within partners on the sexual energy level, joy of creativity of each moment of pleasure, joy of exchange of love and sexual energy.

•The Tradition of Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage London is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience that awakens your sensitivity and energy, and increases your capacity to experience more pleasure.

In Tantra the erotic energy is awakened in a controlled way, where the energy is spread out in the body and used as a way to heal the body, mind and soul. In stead of loosing energy through ejaculation and explosive orgasms, you will learn to circulate and raise the erotic energy to even higher states of pleasure and be fully energised and satisfied on all levels.

Tantric massage is designed to give you a taste of the experience of Tantra. It is more like a form of body worship. Using relaxation breathing technique slow begin to stroke and caress you all over. With the skill magic hands and attractive female body and feminine energy, you will relax into pleasure while being excited.

The difference of Tantric Massage is by using the ejaculation control, through the power of your crutia perinea muscles or pelvic floor. Breathing is also important to control and prolong your orgasm. If you manifest ejaculation control, your pleasure scale will go up and down. Your inter sensual energy is aroused and made to flow, spread and radiate through you whole body. It's creating an expanded state of pleasure and bliss.

Benefit of Tantric Massage:

Relieve stress - stay in our temple, put outside that busy, fast pace life behind you. Everybody deserve a moment belongs to themselves, to clear your mind and relax your body. We hope you find your moment here with us.

 Increase male power - tantric massage teach you balance your sexual energy and healthy sexuality. Increases your confidence in lovemaking by create harmony with the woman, teach healing sexuality, guide you in loving sexual relationship.

Healing of premature ejaculation - special practice in tantric massage by using the ejaculation control technique. It teachs you the basic strategy to delay the orgasm and prolonging. One hour  Tantric Massage session and maybe several of them would help you improve premature ejaculation. Give you the idea how to overcome the problem.

Deeper sexual pleasure - tantric massage tries to bring man out of the basic state to a higher sexual energy level. Tries to gather all the sexual power in the end of session to gain the whole body orgasm.

•Areas where we travel

At Luxura Tantric Massage London we travel all around Central London. Because we want that our customers enjoy the comfort of their residence or hotel room we implemented out call massage service. If you are located anywhere in the heart of lovely London give us a call. Your masseuse will knock at your door in less then 20 minutes.

Book your out call encounter at 07843 992 280!

Areas that we cover: Baker Street, Baron's Court, Bayswater, Belgravia, Bond Street, Canary Wharf, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Earls Court, Fulham, Hyde Park Corner, Kings Cross, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Lancaster Gate, Liverpool Street, Marylebone, Mayfair, Marble Arch, Notting Hill Gate, Paddington, Park Lane, Pimlico, Regents Park, St. Jame's, Soho, South Kensington.

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