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Massage is one amongst the oldest of the healing arts with tangible and comprehensive advantages. As Associate in Nursing accepted a part of several therapeutic rehabilitation programs, massage  care has established useful for a large sort of chronic conditions yet because the relief of stress and tension.

At Luxura Tantric Massage we have a tendency to pride ourselves on the standard of your massage expertise. Our team of highly-skilled and skilled therapists are dedicated to delivering a cheap massage that exceeds expectations, thus whether or not it’s to heal, regenerate or just relax, we’ve the proper massage for you.

Cheap Massage London


Duration Incall/OutcallCheap Massage
60 min – 100 £ / 120 £
90 min – 140 £ / 160 £
120 min – 180£ / 200 £


Our spa is open for customers from 12 p.m. till 4 a.m. offering a range of cheap massage London services such as:

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage could be a centuries-old observe from Hindu philosophy. This specific massage is galvanized by period traditions,  particularly Chinese and Indian. It differs from classical massage in its eroticism. It’s a wonderful thanks to become additional in tune along with your body which of your partner and it will facilitate boost physical attraction.

The primary objective is that the consciousness of the body being approached in an exceedingly religious dimension. Tantric massage is practices, as a rule, entirely naked. The Tantric Massage London option is principally done on the ground on a tatami or mattress, with the utilisation of essential oils that square measure contributive to relaxation and sensualness.

Nuru Massage

Derived from the traditional Japanese sort of massage, the nude-body on nude-body of the grand nuru massage may be a modern-day treasure. Target-hunting by the nice and cosy nuru gel, lavished over your woke up body, your trained masseuse discovers each pulse and trigger purpose of your craving.

Skin to skin, slippy and slippery , your pleasure is heightened by the pressing searching of her curves. However even as the “thank you” throbbing starts, there’s a prankish pause and a fulminant stillness. Your body stiffens; anticipation is that the sexual activity of relief. Then a flashing smile, fingers penetrating deeply into your flesh, naughtily here and firmly there – simply the method you wish it.

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage measure new and charming amusements we’ve adventitious to our menu. To seduce the newcomer or titillate the foremost incautious cognoscenti, we’ve got created “show-stopping” vignettes wherever you’re the recent new star of your wildest imaginings…and ours!

Let your “bad boy” loose on the requirements that leave you trembling; nip and nibble at the temptation you thought was illegal forever. Here square measure the must-trys for each man to increase the boundary of “NO!” and say “YES!” to his primal cravings. No apologies needed…or allowed. simply feed your lust…

Does your breath quicken and your pulse race at the thought of enjoying teacher’s pet? Watch closely as your hottest student tries to tempt and tease you. are you able to resist her naughty ways? does one tremble with anticipation knowing you’re getting ready to fulfil your childhood fantasy? For this sexy state of affairs, your attractive companion can receive the last word lesson in horny education, we have a tendency to promise she’ll be beggary for an A +.

Couples Massage

If you’re wanting to indulge your partner in new areas of titillating exploration and devilish delight, she (or He!) can thrill to your stunning boldness. however desperate to experiment and knowing however aren’t natural born skills. Our most inventive Courtesans have it!

Let them guide you within the uncensored gift of giving and receiving sexual high spirits. Peel away your layers of timidity and red-faced modesty; unleash your yearning. Unabashed, unashamed, uninhibited…reveal the items you merely “can ne’er reveal” and burst with revived lust for your lover.

4 Hands Massage

Treat yourself to the Luxura Tantric Massage “Double Your Fun amusement,” wherever two hands + two hands equal the wizard variety of four. Four curious hands ar wanting to prime and please your ravenous craving for the wet and wild facet. you are doing the math…4 hands delivery four areas of your quivering naked body to the height of abandon. A delicate press, a stinging probe, a pinch, a prod….your report is glowing: “passed with rave reviews!”

Prostate Massage

The prostate may be a walnut-sized, semen-storing secretory organ placed at the foundation of the member, slightly below the bladder. Once massaged, stagnant ejaculate is discharged and voila…it is clean. Once unheeded, as is usually the case, ejaculate becomes stagnant, making a buildup of microorganism which might cause swelling.

Regular prostate massage reduces the danger of rubor, adenocarcinoma, reproductive organ pain, symptoms of impotence and frequent nighttime voiding. Additionally, it improves overall erectile operate and will increase ejaculate and circulation. Whereas the health advantages area unit long-lived, you may be shocked in the slightest degree the opposite positives future.

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