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In Taois customs, the man has his climax london prostate massage without discharging. He injaculates. By squeezing a needle therapy point found somewhere london prostate massage between the butt and scrotum, the discharge can be switched into an enhanced climax and the semen is reused from the full prostate and reabsorbed into the blood. This point is known as the Jen-Mo (Origination Meridian) needle therapy london prostate massage point. At the point when squeezed with a finger, this point feels as though there is a little space or opening in that area.

At the point when the Jen-Mo point is london prostate massage squeezed recently preceding a foreseen discharge, the vitality goes up into the body through the meridians which start now, rather than leaving the body as it does amid conventional discharge.

Done along these london prostate massage lines, the man still feels london prostate massage the pleasurable sensations which accompanied the pumping of the prostate, regardless he encounters a climax. He keeps on squeezing this point until the climax, or “injaculation”, is finished.

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This Jen-Mo point was nicknamed “the Lion” by a large number of my understudies. They said they felt likLuxura london prostate massage e rulers after they started utilizing this point. Everybody who attempted it believed it merited the name. Different understudies revealed to me that before taking in this technique they felt like “lions” london prostate massage before climax yet their inclinations took crashes soon after. With “the Lion” there are no more crashes, quite recently thundering lions! Another vital advantage gotten from this system is that the man will drastically expand his london prostate massage capacity to look after erection. This will enable him to do all the essential strides toward happy union of Man and Lady Together.

Finding and squeezing the Lion is simple, and with a little practice, you can do it attentively without your accomplice notwithstanding knowing it. Right now just before you are prepared to discharge, essentially stretch around behind your rear end and find the point. Press it sufficiently hard so that the semen is not permitted go out of the prostate and through the urethra.

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Some training may be expected london prostate massage to learn precisely how and where to press. You may wish to hone alone to ace the method. The weight ought to be neither too substantial nor too light. In the event that you press excessively close toward the scrotum, the london prostate massage semen will enter the bladder and be lost when london prostate massage you urinate. On the off chance that you press excessively close toward the butt, discharge won’t be halted.

In either case, you will lose the advantage of the activity. To keep the loss of semen through discharge out of the body or into the bladder, the weight should close the channels comfortable base of the prostate organ. At exactly that point is the semen reused into the london prostate massage blood. (While taking in this strategy, you may press with three fingers as a sanity check. Additionally, don’t end up noticeably debilitated. Much practice may be required for idealize dominance.)

Cautioning: On the off chance that you have a prostate disease, you should see a doctor and clear it up before you start utilizing the Lion. It is superbly fine to utilize the london prostate massage butt-centric compression method from the Deer Exercise or the Prostate london prostate massage to aid the recuperating procedure. The point might be squeezed after the issue is settled.

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In the wake of having squeezed the point and averted discharge, you could lead a test to decide if the semen was assimilated into the circulatory system or gone into london prostate massage the bladder. To direct the test, basically urinate into a glass.Cloudy pee demonstrates that the semen has gone into the london prostate massage bladder. In the event that you put glass aside for a hour or two, the semen will settle to the base, leaving clear pee at the top.

Men whose eating regimen is extremely soluble have a tendency to have bubbly pee. At the point when semen is blended with their pee, their pee will turn out to be significantly bubblier. Amid normal discharge — that is, discharge without the Lion — around 33% of the semen goes into the bladder.

Taoism is not by any stretch of the imagination hypothetical. It gives you quick outcomes. When you squeeze this point, will you feel serious joy, as well as will london prostate massage encounter the upbeat endowments of being reawakened. Resurrection comes about when imaginative vitality is being drawn from london prostate massage your sexual organs.


In ladies, the likeness this is accomplished by suspending the menstrual period by honing the ladies’ Deer Exercise. At the point when a lady quits dying, she will never again lose extraordinary measures of vitality contained in the blood. Suspension of feminine cycle happens normally amid london prostate massage menopause, which is in all actuality an awesome gift for ladies. The Deer Exercise foresees the inversion of vitality misfortune.

Amid the initial forty years of life, as indicated by actuarial figures, men and ladies bite the dust at about similar rates. This might be on account of men and ladies exhaust themselves at proportionate rates — that is, men lose vitality through ejacuation and ladies lose vitality through feminine cycle. The insights change for those in their fifties: the demise rate for ladies ends up noticeably 25% lower than for men. It is additionally a reality that numerous ladies in their fifties quit seeping subsequent to going through menopause.


It is additionally a reality that sensual massage london men keep on ejaculating in their fifties. This figure copies when ladies are in their sixties (all ladies quit dying, though men keep on ejaculating). The figure turns out to be significantly more sensational for septuagenarians: the demise rate for men london prostate massage ends up noticeably 75% higher than that for ladies. The way that men keep on ejaculating for the duration of their london prostate massage lives might be a significantly finished looked motivation behind why there are such a variety london prostate massage of dowagers thus couple of widowers.

A few people may at present feel that halting london prostate massage discharge is unnatural, paying little respect to the contentions against discharge. Prowling in their souls might be a conviction that passing is regular and that it ought not be altered. Discharge and demise are normal at the human london prostate massage level of cognizance. Be that as it may, at the Perfect level of cognizance, what may some way or another be viewed as unnatural might be viewed as characteristic and fundamental.

As per Taoist lessons, a Perfect life exists london prostate massage past human life. God gave us a decision between death or a chance to accomplish Divine, or never-ending, life. On the off chance that we pick london prostate massage the last mentioned, we should counteract discharge or period as per Taoist standards. Regardless of whether we achieve the Perfect Kingdom will be resolved partially by how we hone the Deer Activities.

By what means can such a straightforward strategy london prostate massage have such a significant impact? The appropriate response lies in the semen which is held in the body.

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