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Naked Massage London

Naked Massage London

Based on tantric energy & ancient bonding rituals, naked massage London may be a extremely sensual, intense & progressive massage designed to require you on a roller coaster of relaxation, excitement and sensual bit.

There are about 6 stages to the tantric massage, every designed to softly re balance your natural energies, stir up your sensitive zones and relax you into a state of utmost relaxation and tranquillity.

We begin with a slowly choreographed undressing ritual. Exploitation mild bit, respiratory and holding, your garments area unit slowly removed. With them your life outside of the medical care space, your stresses & worries area unit all stripped away. Each part of your body is touched, caressed and command gently because it is unconcealed till we tend to stand along in an exceedingly naked embrace in respectful silence.

For most men, this is often a liberating feeling, to be slowly undressed and hugged is each nurturing and sexy. Once you’re relaxed, we tend to move to the massage couch.

The massage begins with coating the body with hot oils. Long, slow esthetic moves area unit used and you must be ready to expertise waves of relaxation and peaks of pleasure. This happens because the massage includes all areas of the body and builds to the symbol crescendo. You can fancy a robust unharness or harness the surplus energy and re-use it if you decide on. We shut with some mild Reiki to reset your energy channels and your alternative of either a face, neck. head massage or a foot massage.

A sensual, exciting and liberating expertise that may leave you feeling splendidly relaxed for many days and assist you connect along with your true inner self.

The beginning of Naked Massage London

Naked Massage

The naked massage London lasts for a hundred minutes however please permit a pair of hours as i’ll make a case for the massage totally before we start and permit you to slowly return to earth at the top. The massage is tailored to suit, please discuss before booking. Prostate massage may be enclosed for an additional fee.

Privacy & discretion area unit secured and you’ll be warmly welcome.

Naked massage London may be a deeply honouring massage that may relax your entire body. It’s concerning animating the complete body to a state of appetising and aliveness that you simply could ne’er have felt before. Our girls will be able to guide you within the transformation method of charging your whole body with sexual energy, as you begin to find that each cell in your body is orgasmic.

Tantric Massage is concerning the complete body, together with the sexual organs (or lingham) and not entirely targeted on the sex organ. It is concerning permitting that delicious feeling of arousal or cloud nine or no matter you’re feeling, to flow through your WHOLE body and not isolate or target it in one space solely.

Lingham massage

The Sanskritic language word for the male sexual organ is Lingham and is loosely translated as Wand of sunshine. In Tantra or Sacred physiological property, the Lingham is with all respect viewed and worthy, as a Wand of sunshine that channels inventive energy and pleasure. climax isn’t the goal of the Lingham massage though it is a pleasing and welcome facet result. The goal is to massage the Lingham, together with testicles, area and generally Sacred Spot (prostate) outwardly, permitting you to surrender to a kind of pleasure you’ll not be familiar with. Men ought to learn to relax and receive. ancient sexual acquisition has the person in an exceedingly doing and goal orienting mode. The Lingham Massage permits the person to expertise his softer, additional receptive facet and skill pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.Lingam Massage

While shoppers often ejaculate, that’s not the main focus of any authentic Tantra apply. If you’re feeling the energy of ejaculation setting out to build an excessive amount of, breath additional and simply raise your hand to let Pine Tree State apprehend. We will be able to facilitate guide your energy into your whole body. If Associate in Nursing ejaculation happens that’s additionally good – it’s simply not what we have a tendency to area unit aiming for in an exceedingly Tantric Massage London session.


A naked massage London session for you is totally concerning receiving, concerning permitting yourself to feel loved and idolized. It’s entirely non reciprocal bit as this distracts you from your expertise of connecting additional intimately with yourself. It’s terribly powerful simply to receive, forgoing of management and surrender to receiving.

Your job is to receive and breathe, then breathe some additional. The therapist will be able to show you some Tantric respiration techniques and visualisations to assist you expand and skill MORE! She may generally raise you to remain in eye contact with Pine Tree State once you area unit in an exceedingly position to try and do thus. this is often concerning not obtaining lost in your head, concerning learning to be gift with the deity and yourself.


After the massage, your goddess will leave you for five or ten minutes to lie quietly and absorb what you’re feeling. Once she comes back, you’ve got a bit time to speak regarding what you have got intimate with or to raise any queries you’ll have and to debate next steps. You’ll then take a shower before you allow.

The end of the session

Future sessions give you a chance to travel abundant deeper, to receive deeper healing – like sacred spot massage – and to be told several Tantra techniques to empower your relationships with yourself and your lovers. every following session could be a new chance to uncover even additional depth and keenness in your sexual body, and because the trust builds between you and your masseuse, there’s additional chance for additional powerful experiences and even additional growth into your multi-orgasmic full-body-orgasm self!

Some of the attainable edges of standard naked massage are: a rise in concupiscence, feeling authorised in your masculinity, additional powerful & longer orgasms, profound relaxation, acutely aware arousal, selecting to ejaculate or not, deeper affiliation and intimacy with yourself and your lovers, improved confidence, and stress relief. Regular shoppers can realise that they’ll go abundant deeper into the expertise the additional sessions they need, as a mutual trust are gained.

Naked massage London may be, and sometimes is, a life ever-changing expertise. Your masseuse will  produce a secure and sacred area for you to relax and receive enlarged pleasure, providing you a deeply sensual and religious expertise like nothing else you’ve got toughened.

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