Shower Massage

At Luxura Tantric Massage we try to please all our customers and in addition to that we want to introduce shower massage. This is a new type of massage that allows clients to enjoy a refreshing session with their chosen therapist in the shower. It is a new form of relaxation that will benefit you more than you can imagine.

Contemporary life has become extremely busy that finding relaxation is no longer easy. Body massages always provide a perfect escape from the hassles of day to day life with their highly relaxing therapies. There are nearly as many massage methods as there are masseurs. However, the shower massage still clings to its pride as one of the bets kept secrets in most parlours. It is not surprising that many clients insist on this type of massage, considering the wholesome effect it has on one’s body. If you are planning a visit to us the shower massage is something you ought to try out.

Shower Massage

Benefits of the shower massage

One of the reason why you should try it is the fact that relaxes your body. But there are other benefits to both body and mind. Some of these benefits are that:

1)    It helps the body in the healing process.

2)    It brings about high levels of relaxation.

3)    It helps the mind relieve itself of stress.

After a long and tiresome day, you can do your body a great favour by having a relaxing and soothing shower massage. This type of shower massage originated in France at Vichy city where hydrotherapy is a common practice. Currently, Vichy treatments can be obtained from many massage parlours and spas allover the world. Despite the popularity, you need to understand what this shower massage is all about, how it works, different types, and some of its benefits. Understanding these aspects will help you figure out how you can best utilise it to your advantage.

Shower Massage

Water has been proven to have several healing effects on the body, it is therefore important to point out that a perfect shower massage will help you heal some of the messy conditions like scrubs and mud wraps. This hydrotherapy treatment helps the client to stop using over the counter products and focus on rinsing of the chemicals. This type of massage is also beneficial since it helps the body to unwind and rejuvenate. It soothes the whole body especially after a tiresome day and helps the muscles to relax completely.

The procedure

When you go to our spot spa for a shower massage, you should be ready for a thorough scrubbing which is normally done on your entire body a part from the obvious areas. Normally, your therapist will use an exfoliation sponge to apply the cleansing body scrub. This process is very important for your body because it helps you remove the already dead skin from the body and expose the younger skin. Through this, you prevent skin conditions such as acne, and ingrown hairs. It also helps you to improve health and overall appearance of the skin.

The hot shower massage starts with a long hydrotherapy treatment on the massage table where your therapist will set water temperature levels according to your preference. It is then followed by an entire body scrub using soft and gentle strokes. This process enables you to have a smooth blood circulation and great feeling of relaxation. After the scrub down, you then receive a final rinse that includes hair shampooing. In most cases, a shower massage will last for about one hour but some even take one and a half hours. It is important to note that during this type of massage, your body is typically naked although some state laws require you to be covered through out the session.

We offer you a private shower room where you will receive your shower massage. Also, you will get a fresh new towel because we respect all our customers. Towels must be changed after every session for hygienic purposes.

We work with ones of the best therapist in town. Our girls are professionals and very charismatics. Their purpose is to make you enjoy every second of your massage. With one phone call you can choose your masseuse and have the great experience of your life. Call us today!