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Tantric Canary Wharf

tantric canary wharf

What is Tantric Canary Wharf massage? 

Tantric Canary Wharf massage, is given by the masseurs with a real sense of care and intimacy and involves intentional arousal of the body usually leading to consummation. Each a sensual massage and Tantric massage square measure physical and emotional experiences, However, the most distinction is that a Tantric massage sometimes includes a lot of religious aspects like vocalizing rituals, deep respiratory  exercises and non-intimate contact with the giver. Whereas a sensual massage follows a a lot of humanistic method and concentrates a lot of on giving the receiver an authentic full body therapeutic massage therewith combines ancient massage strokes with intentional arousing techniques aimed to slowly relax and at the same time arouse the receiver.
In a Tantric  Canary Wharf massage the attribute is to not take the receiver to full consummation however solely to close orgasm; the masseuse partly or  totally clothed and therefore the massage doesn’t usually become reciprocally intimate. Whereas the sensual massage is given as a journey for each the giver and therefore the receiver and attentively simply on the receiver or a a lot of two-way expertise, the essence of sensual bit and sexual intimacy is often maintained.


Maya Brunette


Sarah Curvy




Alice Busty

Who can benefit?

Everyone, but, of course, since we have a tendency to square measure all people every with a novel life expertise and life style the profit will vary from person to person. for several the massage will be a wonderful discovery of diversion, for others, it will be an area to unharness the strain of a busy life, for a few it will be concerning exploration of the self, one’s sensualism and physiological property. It may also be terribly useful for those experiencing sexual anxieties and performance issues.

In men significantly, it will merely be concerning male to bonding, or it will facilitate with overcoming erectile problems, ejaculation, physiological property exploration, loss of concupiscence, worry of intimacy. For women, the tantric Canary Wharf massage will be concerning having the chance to possess their body physically seduced and stirred up while not feeling self-conscious or that they will be judged or expected to perform in a very explicit sexually. For couples, it's a beautiful thanks to light the relationship by learning currently skills to observe on each other. It will be given as a present by one partner to the opposite to allow them to expertise another person’s bit while not threatening the link.

Check out our prices!

Tantric Canary Wharf


60 minutes ................................................... 100£

90 minutes ................................................... 140£

120 minutes ................................................... 180£

* For outcall massage service there will be extra transport fee:
– 0-1 mile : 10 £
– 1-3 mile : 20 £
– 3-5 mile : 30 £
– > 5 mile : 40 £>

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The girls ought to be skilled modish and approach exalting trust and a way of integrity within the shopper. The treatment space ought to be heat, clean, snug and hospitable. The healer ought to take the time to elucidate the method of the massage and answer any queries that the shopper could have.The massage ought to embody each therapeutic massage of the full body also as intimate, sensual, arousing massage of the sensitive and reproductive organ areas.The massage ought to be caring and substantive with the healer exalting a way of real “love” for what they are doing and to whom they are doing it too. The healer ought to be able to work intuitively understanding the client’s specific wants however at a similar time creating clear their own personal physical boundaries.