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Tantric Massage Bond Street

Tantric Massage Bond Street

Tantric Massage Bond Street is another service design in such manner to suit the comfort of our customers. At Luxura Tantric Massage you will find a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, where you can relax and enjoy a good massage.

Our sessions area unit designed to fulfill every individual’s needs and desires, however have a typical path. All session apply ejaculation mastery techniques as well as symbol (genital) massage. Ejaculation mastery techniques embrace intention breath management, sacred spot (prostate) massage, pc/Kegel squeezes, girdle rocking, singing pleasure and eye gazing.

What to expect from our Tantric Massage Bond Street

Sacred Space: our studio could be a relaxed, ambient, safe and sacred place wherever you may be ready to explore the ability of Tantric moment. it’s a religious heaven during this busy, fast Morden town. Meditation: within the starting and finish of session, immortal through meditation, guides you to make terribly special moments of deep reference to yourself and with the divine.

Teaching of Relaxation Breathing: victimization the respiratory to show you ways to leave of your busy mind and be in you own body, totally incorporated in your heart, sensations, feelings and emotions.

Body to body and titillating Sensual Massage London: use lovely swish non scented oil, playacting a slow light and sensual everywhere body massage by quality of delicate bit and body to body association and movement.

Lingam (Genital) Massage: The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is symbol. in Tantric Massage we have a tendency to uses techniques and movements to stimulate all areas of the genital organ as well as inner and outer thighs, it consists of twirls, single two-handed movements, double two-handed techniques, pressure points, lighter strokes to the additional intense motions. symbol massage is used as a tool of delight or a tool of learning to boost management of sexual energy.

Ejaculation Control: whereas doing titillating symbol treatment, use the key techniques for intensifying and prolonging pleasure, augmented power, vitality and longevity, particularly for the ejaculation downside.

Prostate Massage: the prostate is male accent endocrine, which implies it plays a useful role within the ejaculatory/breeding perform. once it’s massaged, it conjointly produces androgen} that could be a male hormone and may so cause nice pleasure. it’s been recognise to assist ejaculation once stirred.

Tantric Massage Bond Street session:

60 minutes Session —- £120
This is the foundation for all sessions. Your goddess through meditation guides you to connect with your deep heart, by a sensual erotic full body massage slip you into the mystic moment of intense pleasure and relaxation, connect you with your goddess body and energy; Using tantric secret Lingam and prostate massage and breathing control technique give you the heightening and prolonging pleasure, and the whole body orgasm.

90 minutes Session —- £160
This session includes a full body worship (or a bath ceremony), your goddess will use their body, hands and warm breath to worship you from head to toe, allow yourself to enter altered states of consciousness. Spend half of session to build up all your sexual energy to achieve expansive whole body orgasms and experience a grounded sense of peace and quiet.

120 minutes Session —- £200
This session of Tantric Massage London is specially designed for the client who has some tantric experience, looking for devoting with yourself and Shakti, you and your goddess will worship each other, connected between Shiva and Shakti. Experience a tantric waving and awareness.

4 hands Tantric Session—- (offering donation £180/60mins, £300/90mins)
Enjoy the ultimate in indulgence. Have two skilled Goddesses, four heavenly hands, twenty tantalizing fingers massaging your body and soul. The sacred ceremony and male Sacred Spot can be done by two delightful angles at the same time. It has been said that there is nothing more beautiful than two women sharing Shakti energy with each other and you. You will experience an authentic tantric masseuse worship Ritual. A spiritual expressed with breath between three people, four hands and two different body works lead you into a visualised world in your dream

Our Unique Yoni Ritual Session (90minutes session):

This is a devotional ritual in honour of your goddesses and you. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina that is translated as “sacred space” or ” Sacred Temple.” In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a perspective of love and respect. This session is about giving and receiving, you and your goddess will worship each other, connected with each other, receiving and giving the tantric pleasure between each other.

(Single goddess yoni ritual session £220, double goddesses yoni ritual session £330).

Unique Couple tantric Journey:

We provide an excuse for playfulness, changing the atmosphere and making a special time together. Couple tantric journey with two goddesses, start the journey from Tantric Massage Bond Street, then your goddesses will give you and your partner full body worship, sensual erotic massage, pleasure you and your partner sacred spots, help you and your partner more deeply connected with each other…
Our couple tantric journey created for each individual needs, journey could be more focus on the sexual healing, or spiritual connection between you and your partner, or simple a playful fun journey, so before you book a session please call me to discuss the details and preference.