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The difference between male and female sexual energy

The difference between male and female sexual energy

The difference between male and female sexual energy has intrigued us throughout the ages. We solely got to inspect current book and newspaper titles to examine that the topic remains on our minds:

  •  Men are from Mars and girls are from Venus
  •  The key to Mind-Blowing Orgasms
  •  However Men’s Brains square measure Wired otherwise than Women’s (from Scientific American)
  •  Nurture your female facet (The Chopra Centre)

Male’s ejaculation

The ordinary male should ejaculate usually or he can become pissed off, showing emotion irritable and have very little management over his mind. However it’s not necessary that the build from sexual energy ought to cause such symptoms. It is attainable to find out to flow into the energy throughout the whole body, resulting in a strengthening of the whole energy body and a rejuvenation of the physical.

Through Tantric meditation, one will radiate orgasmic states throughout the whole body with or while not a partner. Exchanging sexual energy together with your partner and current and mixing it throughout your bodies merely can not be compared with standard tantric massage consummation. With standard consummation a little quantity of sexual energy is made up then free from the testicles in men and therefore the ovaries in ladies, into the reproductive organ.

This unleash of energy is wherever the orgasmic feelings return from. For a male it’s sometimes a rush of orgasmic sensations out the top of the phallus. the tiny quantity of sexual energy that causes these feelings won’t be enough to form a full body consummation.

For full body consummation to occur the whole meridian system should be cleared and therefore the vibration of the energy body raised. this is often done through the cultivation and circulation of sexual energy and it’ll take time and follow.

Female’s multi orgasmic  nature

When the person lets go of humour, he’s finished, however the girl is prepared for a lot of. Once each area unit in tune with each other, they need magnified vigour, improved stamina, increased sensation and unlimited whole-body sexual climax.

For women, the traditional sexual climax doesn’t end in an oversized scale loss of sexual energy.

According to Llewellyn Vaughan Lee, girls have a definite substance in them that men don’t. It’s a religious substance which might heal men. however girls have to be compelled to forgive men for what they need done. Women are a part of the sacred substance of life and that they will bring it down into the planet. They’ll re-energise the planet.

The role of men is to shield the ladies and therefore the work that is being done by women. girls have instinctual information. They need been undermined by men and men’s linear thinking that makes girls suffer unnecessarily, and ends up in negative thinking thanks to their abuse. The energy now not flows cleanly – that’s the psychic soup within which we tend to live.

The difference between male and female sexual energy

Only through developing love,respect and understanding for each other will we tend to mix the male and feminine sexual energy.

In the words of Osho:

‘Ninety-nine p.c recognise sex solely as a relief; they don’t recognise its orgasmic quality. Although they suppose they’re having associate degree consummation, it’s not consummation – it’s simply sex organ relief.

Orgasm has nothing to try and do with crotch intrinsically. Crotch are concerned in it, however consummation is total – from the pinnacle to the toes, it’s everywhere you.

What is orgasm? Consummation could be a state wherever your body isn’t any longer felt as matter; it vibrates like energy, electricity. It vibrates thus deeply, from the terribly foundation, that you just fully forget that it’s a cloth issue. It becomes an electrical development

In orgasm, you return to the present deepest layer of your body wherever matter not exists, simply energy waves; you become a terpsichore energy, vibrating.

There aren’t any longer any boundaries to you – pulsing, however not substantial. And your loved one conjointly pulsates.